Monday, August 12, 2013

Teacher Week - Meet the Teacher

It's Blog Hoppin's Teacher Week! Let's see if I will be able to keep up with each day...

Today is Monday so I guess it's time to talk about me! :)

Well, I just noticed that it says fun up there. I was all ready to list all the boring facts like my credentials and everything you can find in the About Me section on my blog. But I'll spare you the details on that! ;) (like my shameless plug in there??)

1. My favorite color is blue. Due to that, I must have blue everything. Blue phone case, blue mouse, blue bed sheets, blue blanket, blue netbook, blue you name it. I even went all the way to Lowe's for my teacher tool box because I wanted the blue one and Home Depot (which is much closer) doesn't sell them! My next big money spender will be buying a new car. Can you guess what color it has to be? Yep, blue! :)
2. I am the oldest of three. I have two younger brothers. One is 5 years younger (senior in college) and the other is 12 years younger (8th grade). If we were looking at the Chinese zodiac, my youngest brother and I are both born in the year of the rabbit!
This picture is 2 years old but the only one I can find of all three of us!
3. I was born in Taiwan, but moved to the US when I was only six months old. Since then, I have lived in three different states. I lived in Chicago, IL from baby to preschool. Then, we moved to Fremont, CA from kinder to first. After that, I lived in Plano, TX for second and third grade. Finally, we settled in Palo Alto, CA from fourth grade and on. I'll be honest with you, I don't really remember much of elementary school before fourth grade at all.

4. I used to have a pet rabbit when I was in high school. He was a big chubby white rabbit named Snowy and VERY smart. We would let him out in the corner of our backyard using a board to keep him from escaping but somehow he always managed to find a way out. Then he proceeded to dig a hole under our back porch allowing him access to the outside world (we have a walking trail behind our house). He would go on his adventure for a day or two and would ALWAYS come home on his own. Of course, once he is spotted in our backyard, I would have to catch him and put him back in his cage. And the cycle would continue. No matter how many times he escaped from his little "playpen" to venture the outside world (which was very often), he would always come home.
Don't have a picture of Snowy but this is basically what he looked like.
5. My dream as a kid was to have a pet rabbit and dog. I wanted to get them as babies so they would grow up together and become good friends. Then the dog would protect the rabbit from other animals when it was out playing in its playpen. Well, I got the rabbit. Still haven't had a dog yet. But hopefully sometime in the near future! I actually want two dogs now. One big and one small. Hehe. :)

The dogs I want..
6. My legal first name is actually Pam June and not Pam. I always grew up thinking Pam was my first name and June was my middle name. It wasn't until I was applying for college did I find out that legally I didn't have a middle name and my first name was actually Pam June. I thought about getting it legally changed but decided it was too much work. Of course, I still stick with just Pam, but when I have to write my legal first name, now I know better.

7. Speaking of names. I love my name. Pam Wu (let's ignore the June for now). Nice and short. Especially my last name. I don't think I would change it if I got married.

8. I don't want kids. Is that weird? Everyone gives me a weird look when I say that. Yes, I know I'm a teacher and I love kids. But I don't love kids 24/7. If I spend my day with kids, then I want to go home to no kids. But of course, my dad doesn't believe me. He says it will happen eventually, especially when I get married. Who knows. He may be right. But as of now, I still stand by my "no kids" statement.

9. Not married, but have been with my boyfriend for three years now. We were in a long distance relationship for the first year while I was in grad school (~6 hour drive). We are closer now but still have an hour's drive between us. Sometimes it sucks, but most of the time it's okay. We just take turns visiting each other. Plus, he lives close to my parent's place so I just stay with them during my weekend back.
Did I tell you he's also a private pilot?
10. This is more about someone else and not me, but oh well. One of my very close friends is getting married soon and I'm going to be a bridesmaid! It's my first time and I'm sure it will be lots of fun. I'm giving a toast at the wedding (which I am still not finished with). We just had her bridal shower on Saturday. My first time having high tea! Wedding in three weeks!:)
Bride-to-be is the one sitting in the middle.
That's a wrap, folks! Hope I didn't bore you to death with my "fun" facts. :D 

Now it's off to the classroom for some work and then head home to read about all the other wonder teacher bloggers out there!

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  1. Hi! I am a fellow second grade teacher/blogger!

    I love bunnies and puppies too :)
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