Friday, April 11, 2014

Five for Friday

Holy moly (my new term now), how did I even manage to get through this week???
At least the good thing is....IT'S FINALLY SPRING BREAK!!!
Well, I don't feel like I'm officially on break yet since I still have some other things to do and get ready for. But come next Tuesday, I will be on a plane to Vegas with the boyfriend and Spring Break will officially begin! Can't wait! :D

By the way, I am exhausted. (Surprised I even have the energy to write this post!) 
No long explanations this time. Just a sentence and pictures. 

Practicing reading time with a scoot activity!

Drawing illustrations for our Cinderella stories. 
(Read more about this in a previous post.)

Some of our mealworms are turning into pupas so it was time draw a diagram in our observation books.

Started our Native American unit this week and brought in some dreamcatchers to hang in the classroom.

Glazing the clay coil pot/bowls we made two weeks ago!

Thanks for visiting!
Come back tomorrow learn more about the story planning we did for our Cinderella unit. But make sure to read about the research we did first!

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