Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Thank You Gifts

It's the end of the year, which means...time to appreciate all the hard work of our enrichment teachers and dedicated parent volunteers!

We have a lot of enrichment teachers (Motor Skills, PE, Computer, Library, Music). Our last writing unit was on letter writing so the kids wrote thank you letters to each enrichment teacher and I bound them up into a little book. We also wrote thank you letters for our Art parent, classroom aide, Opera teaching artist, and Opera parent.

In addition to the thank you letter books, my Art and Opera parents got a mint plant for their com"mint"ment to us!

I decided to just stick with a plant theme with gifts this year so I also got some mini succulents for our reading group parents. They meet with a small group of kids every week and read a chapter book with the students. 

My room parent also happens to be a reading group parent too so I fluffed her gift just a little bit more. :)

Finally, our field trip drivers got owl-themed thank you cards (made on Vistaprint) signed by all the kids.

And that is all the gifts we gave out to the teachers and volunteers! Phew!

Tomorrow's the last day of school! We will see if I have the energy to write about how the day goes! :)

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