Sunday, April 5, 2015

Five for Funday

I tried to make the Five for Friday post on Friday, I swear! Unfortunately things got in the way and I didn't get home on Friday until almost 10! Then I tried for Saturday (had all the pictures uploaded for the post), but didn't get to writing either because I was out all day. And it's Sunday now, but I can finally sit down and write about week! Good because I'm spending some quality time away from schoolwork, but bad because it's making it hard to get back into blogging!

Ok, enough of my blabbing, time to Five for Sunday (or Funday!)

Last week's phonics focus was on "ar". Besides blending some "ar" words, we also did an "ar" word sort.

Last week's comprehension skill was on inference. Since it was the week of April Fools, I thought riddles would nicely tie into the week. What better skill to practice than inferring when it comes to solving riddles?

We ended the week by writing our own riddles about ourselves and having our classmates guess (I mean infer) using the sentence frames to see if they were correct!

Can you guess this one?

Math is all about place value right now. This week was focused on comparing two-digit numbers. I've always used the "Allie the alligator" method with my students in the past. However, during my district's summer institute this year, I learned a different little trick involving drawing dots and connecting them to create the greater than and less than symbols. It made so much more sense so I tried it out and it definitely worked!

We also started our opinion writing unit this week. I base my lessons off of Lucy Calkins Units of Study for writing. The opinion unit starts off with writing about our collections. The kids brought in collections from home, judged them fairly, and chose a winner. Then they had to write about the winner and state reasons for it winning. By the end of the week, we were self-editing our writing to see if we had 5 star+ writing. It's been so much fun watching all my students become more independent and taking more ownership of their writing! I also really love this writing rubric. I was a freebie on TpT! The pack also comes with a rubric for informative and narrative writing, which I will definitely use next year!

With all our time filled with some other activities, I was able to slip a short and simple art lesson in. The students were given a simple template and asked to turn it into a creature hatching from an Easter egg. There were some sample outlines that I displayed on the projector (a minion was one of them so plenty of students drew that), but some students went above and beyond and created there own!

Finally, I will end with some not so nice and nice pictures of food.

Found this lovely friend inside my mussell. I think it's a tiny crab?
A yummy chocolate tart!
The weekend is almost over, but I hope you all had a good one! Happy Easter and have a wonderful Spring Break for those of you who are lucky to have it already. I still have to wait another week. Hopefully I can make it through! :)

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