Thursday, July 16, 2015

Blog Makeover!!!

Do you notice anything different about the blog?? It received a full on makeover!!! Hooray!!!

Since I am about to enter my third school (really???) in my teaching career, I thought it would be a good idea to give the blog design a nice makeover. I also needed to change my blog name to something more general since my grade level has continued to change. So, say good-bye to "Diary of a First Grade Teacher" and "Diary of a Second Grade Teacher" and hello to "Ms. Wu Teaches"!!!!

Where did the name come from, you ask??
(I know it sounds a bit strange and almost grammatically incorrect.)
Well, my blog address is actually so I thought, why not use that for my blog name? Just changed the "teach" to "teaches" just to make it more grammatically correct, even if it still sounds strange. 

So we are now onto a new era of blogging. I'm hoping this makeover will reinvigorate me into becoming a better blogger since I know I've been slacking these last couple of years. I even failed miserably with keeping up with the Daily 5 book study that I tried to be a part of....T_T

Of course, I can't thank Kristin from Teaching in a Nutshells Design enough for this awesome blog design! Definitely go check out her work if you ever want to get a blog started or want to give your blog a makeover.

She has her own blog too, so definitely go check that out!

Okay, that's it for now!! 
Come back and visit next week!
This reinvigorated blogger has something planned for next week. 
Expect some massive blogging!!! :D

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