Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Classroom Reveal Time!

Well friends, the first day of school is tomorrow, which means, it is time to reveal the classroom, whether it is ready or not!

Welcome to my front door! 

I have a lot of doors in my classroom. A front door, a back door, and another door that leads to my next door classroom.

When you walk in, this is sort of the view you get from the "mailbox" side of the room.

Turn around and you can see the mailboxes for both classes and book boxes for one class (the "owls", my homeroom).

Some close ups of the birds and owls mailbox labels. The extra mailbox slots are being used to sort and store construction paper.


Now let's turn around and face the door to see what it's like!

Now to the back of the room! 

We have my sink and small group table to one corner, along with the bulletin board for the "bird" class for displaying their work. 

The small group is currently hosting pencil pouches that the students will be claiming as their own tomorrow. Comes with a little welcome poem from me!

The other back corner is where the classroom library is. I still have yet to put labels on the bins but I figured that can wait since we won't be touching the library tomorrow. The book boxes in the library are for the "bird" class. Genre posters are from Ms. Elena G.

View of the classroom from the back of the room.

Moving on to the computer side of the room and focusing on the cools signs that I got from the Target dollar spot. 
(sorry for the poor lighting)


My teacher desk area, which is currently the messiest part of the room.
(Poor lighting again...)

And finally, the view from the front of the room!

Saw this cool desk arrangement idea on Pinterest and decided to try it out!

 Last but not least, I got myself a haircut to symbolize a fresh start with a new district, new school, and new grade level!

Alright, it's getting late! Time to sleep. 
School starts tomorrow peeps! :D

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