Sunday, November 8, 2015

Multiplication Stories

Okay, let's see if I can get to blogging again? I swear I was going to start this post much earlier, but then my dog decided to take a nap on my lap. If you don't know yet, once your dog takes over your lap, any level of productivity just goes down. 

We are started our multiplication unit two weeks ago. Started with talking about the different ways multiplication could be represented: equal groups, arrays, skip counting, and repeated addition. Last week, we talked about different types of multiplication stories.

[Sidenote: "Times as many" is no longer part of the third grade standards and is now part of the fourth grade CCSS. However, this was part of the math curriculum we're using which claims to be CCSS-aligned so I went with it until my colleague told me otherwise later.]

To make the lesson a bit more interesting (rather than read and solve multiple word problems), I had the students work with their table groups to create multiplication story posters. Each group was assigned a multiplication equation and had to come up with two different multiplication stories to go with the multiplication sentence.

The students also had to label each story and solve it by showing their work and giving a complete answer.

Once everyone was done, each group brought their poster to the front of the room and gave a quick presentation of their stories.

To wrap the lesson up, I asked students to independently write a multiplication story for the equation 3x6 as their exit ticket out to recess. Great way to assess each student's understanding of multiplication stories. 

I love how this lesson not only covered math, it also touched upon group work and speaking skills. The best part...I came up with the idea for the lesson the morning of the lesson! Don't you love when that happens??

Here's to hoping I go back to blogging more! :D

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