Friday, February 28, 2014

Five for Friday

Alright, back in time for Five for Friday! We had TWO storms this week so it has been quite an adventure! I almost forgot that today was the last day of the month! 

Did everyone take advantage of the TpT 3000 Million Seller Sale? I sure did! If you haven't yet, the sale doesn't end until midnight today so make sure to go! 

Here are the products I got... 
(click on the image to see the product on TpT)

Can you figure out what our next ELA unit is going to be?? I'm kind of excited!!!

We wrapped up our unit on camouflage this week with a fun activity! I told the kids to look around the classroom and find a place where a butterfly could camouflage. Then I told them to think about what size their butterfly would be. I gave them blank paper accordingly (based on the size their butterfly was going to be). As a class, we drew a butterfly together on our paper and then the kiddos got busy coloring them so that they would camouflage in the classroom. Then we placed them there! Some of the kiddos got really creative!

One of the most creative ones!

Of course, you can't just go hiding butterflies...we HAD to go on a butterfly hunt! I made the class wait a day so that the butterflies could have some time to settle down and blend in with their surroundings (ha..ha..). The kids had a blast!

Science was all about sand! Last week we washed some sand and created silt. This week we read about how sand was created. Like my lovely illustration to go with what we read? :)

One of my student's mom and grandmother (both educators) came to do a presentation on Ruby Bridges in honor of Black History Month. They did such a great job!

Today was also our school's oratorical event. I just have to say, I am SO proud of my class! They did such a great job! Unfortunately, I don't have a recording of our performance since I was accompanying on the piano. But I do have an audio version of one of our class rehearsals.

Poem - Riding the Bus with Rosa Parks by Latorial Faison
Song - If You Miss Me At the Back of the Bus by Pete Seeger

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Mine is going to be occupied with report cards. UGH.

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