Sunday, February 16, 2014

Five for Friday...Sunday Style?

Oops, didn't get this post written in time for Friday but I guess Sunday will just have to do! :)

We did a zoom through unit on money this week. We spent the first trimester talking about coins during calendar time, which included coming up with different coin values to correspond with the number of days were had been in school. The fun part of actually focusing on money for our math unit was that we got to go past a dollar! That was very exciting for the kids. :)

 We had an all day field trip scheduled on Valentine's Day so our party got moved to Thursday instead. Thursday is usually one very busy day with weekly computer lab. I also needed to fit in a whole bunch of math stuff since we are starting a new unit next week. Unfortunately, that meant that there wasn't any time for Valentine centers, which is what I usually do for Valentine's Day. But at least I was able to find some time to make our valentine holders. Since we are the Outstanding Owls, it's only appropriate for our holders to be owls too! :)

Our Valentine's Party consisted of making a very cute craft, a love monster (pictured below)! We also played some games and enjoyed some delicious treats. My parents are the best with parties because they organize everything...craft, games, and food! :D

On Valentine's Day, we had a field trip to a nearby Science museum, the UC Berkeley's Lawrence Hall of Science. (They also provide the Science kits we use at school.) We watched a 3-D film, took a class on geology, and visited exhibits. 

observing different kinds of rocks
Going through stations to test rocks for different things.
Can this rock scratch glass?
Going over the answers!
Visiting the exhibits...the first favorite one among the class.
Second favorite....building with Keva planks!

Now I'm in Monterey with the boyfriend for the long weekend just to relax! Yesterday, we wandered around Fisherman's Wharf and downtown Monterey (I think). We had quite an eating adventure, a whole day of eating seafood. 

The plan for today is to go to the aquarium and maybe catch a movie too. Guess we will see what happens! :)

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