Friday, May 23, 2014

Five for Friday - Open House Edition

Who is posting a Five for Friday post so early in the day? Me! Why? No school! Woo! I'm so glad we have a four-day weekend because I definitely need it! Especially since we had Open House this week! Which means...this post will be all about Open House!

When the students arrived with their parents, they received a scavenger hunt paper from me to complete. They were super excited about it!

Let's start with outside of the classroom...

Here is the "Guess Who?" activity. The parents had to guess which self-portrait was their kid. How do you know if you are right? Flip the picture up and find an acrostic poem of the child!

Our hallway bulletin display was of the students' Cinderella stories that we worked hard on researching, planning, and writing for around a month. Our published books arrived last week but came with some errors so we had to return them to get them fixed. However, my photographer friend was still able to take pictures of the kids with their story in the book before we sent the books back. This is always my favorite hallway bulletin display of the year.

Now...on to the heritage projects! Our last second grade project is a heritage project. The kids had to do some sort of presentation about something that relates to their heritage. Some kids chose to make display boards or posters so they were put on display for Open House. Check some of them out below:

In the classroom we go now!

Timelines of some famous Americans that the kids made in small groups to go along with our current biography study:

Measurement Mansion activity that the kids did in partners:

The kids showed off their addition and subtraction mental math strategies through some number talk on the white board:

Now the students' desks!

First, we had some unclaimed art work (basically, no name on them).

On the kids' desks were all the artwork they made this school year, the Second Grade Flip Flap book they made during the first week of school, and a memory book.

Last but not least, I just had to share some excerpts from various students' memory books that made me smile. 

...and my absolute favorite

Overall, Open House was a HUGE success! All but two students came. When they all left the classroom, seeing all the tops of the desks empty and cleared off brought me to the true reality that the school year is coming to an end. 

However, we still have 13 days of school left so I'm very jealous of everyone who is closer to being done. Although, I will admit, I will definitely miss this class. Not sure if I'm ready to let them go yet...


  1. I love all of your open house ideas! Especially the scavenger hunt! Such a great idea! :) We don't do an open house at the end of the year (only at the beginning). I'm with you though, we don't get out until the 13th of June! Hang in there!

    Tasha Emmerson
    Confessions of a Tiny Teacher

  2. Wow, you have so many cool ideas here. I love love love the Guess Who board. I wonder if I could pull that off in the beginning of the year for our open house?! We don't have one at the end of the year. Hang in there til your last day. I know your jealous now, but trust me, I'll be jealous of all of you when I go back on July 29th!
    Lessons Learned