Friday, May 9, 2014

Five for Friday - Teacher Appreciation & Mother's Day

Did I really make it through this week? I have no idea how. But I am here for Five for Friday! No energy left so we'll just make it a post with mainly pictures and very little words....

Chipotle Teacher Appreciation Day w/ a colleague for dinner.

Teacher Appreciation Day at school. Breakfast delivered by a student. Flowers given by another. Lunch buffet provided by parents. 

Creating our Mother's Day gift using the toilet paper tubes we painted last week.

Working in partners to create a picture by following step-by-step directions that gave precise dimensions for each aspect of the picture.

Adding final touches to our Mother's Day frames and "wrapping" them up. They turned out so cute! I'll bet the moms will love them! :)


  1. I wondered how you were going to use those colorful toilet paper tubes. Fun!
    My husband and I enjoyed Chipotle on Tuesday, too!
    Have a good weekend,
    Sarah :o)
    Mrs. Jones Teaches

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  3. I hear you about being tired by the end of the week! I love the colorful toilet paper tubes!
    I'm a second grade teacher too... we still have 29 days left!

    Sally from Elementary Matters