Friday, August 1, 2014

August Currently

I'm back!!! I didn't expect to be gone so long from blogging but I will explain why later! But for now, it's time for Farley's Currently!

And that explains why I've been MIA these past two weeks...JURY DUTY. I am the lucky one who gets summoned every year and is part of the group that gets called in too. This time I had the luxury of going through the selection process to be a juror. After around six full days of sitting in the courtroom (spread out among this week and last week) I was FINALLY called to be questioned and was pretty much excused after. Boy was that a fun experience. Feels like the rest of my summer was taken away from me. @@

Now that it's August, the PDs are beginning. I'm a Math Leader this year so I will be attending the summer institute for Math leaders. We are also getting a new math curriculum this year so I'm going to a training for that. Basically something every week until work officially starts. Woohoo!

I've also been working on some projects for the classroom and some major shopping too. That will be saved for another blog post to come! :)

Speaking of shopping...

The Educents Blowout Sale is ending tomorrow! Definitely go check it out. I have the 2nd-3rd curriculum and it's pretty awesome. 

300 × 250
The TpT Back to School sale is coming up! My store will be on sale too. I really hope to one day have the motivation and time to create more products to sell, but check it out anyways!

The Staples Teacher Appreciation event is currently happening at my local Staples from Aug 1-3. You get 25% off all your purchases, including sale items. I'm not sure if these dates are nationwide, but definitely call your local store to find out. Staples is still selling their spiral notebooks for 17 cents each so 25% off makes them even cheaper! I most definitely stocked up on them. You don't really want to know how many spirals I currently have in the house and in the car right now....

What are you waiting for?? Start shopping!! :P


  1. EEEEEW! I was mad that two summers in a row I got called the first week of summer vacation. But neither time did I have to go any more than the one day. That is rotten luck. I am hitting up Office Max and Staples tomorrow. I need a new office chair (along with everything else!). Replaced my laptop with a desktop. Can't sit on the couch watching tv while computerizing anymore. ;)

  2. Wow your county does jury duty weird. I got called in, too. It's the first time I haven't been able to get out of it. But it's one day, unless you're picked to be on a jury. Which, of course, I was. Luckily they settled out of court so the second day I only had to be there for an hour.
    The Disneyfied Teacher

  3. I'm glad your jury duty is could have been worse. I feel like I need more time too...and I would love for classroom to magically unpack! Good luck with the new school year!

    Crayons and Whimsy