Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday Made It: Glue Sponges

So I didn't actually make my first glue sponge today. I have sort of been experimenting around and making them at random times to see how things are working. But I did make one today so I guess it still counts!

Of course, the idea of glue sponges seems to have been floating around on the internet (ie. Pinterest) for a while. I'm only just jumping on the bandwagon in hopes of having less glue to scrape off desks after a messy fun art project. I am also planning to try interactive notebooks this year which will also require a good amount of gluing so hopefully this works out!

So first off...the supplies!
Plastic containers. Got these at Ikea. 3 for 99 cents. I think it's a good deal!

Sponges. Bought a pack of seven of these from Dollar Tree.

Liquid glue. My local Office Max was closing down and having a closing sale. They still had a bottle of glue so I snagged that (for 50% off). Staples was selling their glue for 39 cents each (I think) so I loaded up on those too. 

My sponges had a scrubby side so I just took some scissors and snipped that side off before making the glue sponges. It was simple enough.

Pour some glue in the plastic containers. Dampen the sponge and stick it in the glue. Pour the rest of the glue on top of the sponge and....

...viola! You have glue sponges!

I did discover that different brand glues have a different density. The Office Max glue sponge is on the right. As you can see, the glue soaked through the sponge in one night. The Staples glue, which is much thicker, is on the right. I think it's been soaking for at least two nights now and there's still a layer of visible glue on top. I just made another glue sponge with the Staples glue watered down a little to see if that will help. Guess we will find out later! :)

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  1. How exactly does that work? The sponge doesn't get moldy from being enclosed in moisture? Also what does the child do, dip their finger or the paper? As an art teacher I'm spending a good amount of time trying to teach spreading glue with fingers so if this gets me one step closer....then it's worth a try. Thanks for answering!