Friday, November 21, 2014

Five for Friday: Parent-Teacher Conference Week

The This week was parent-teacher conference week! That means a full week of extra early minimum days (11:20am dismissal) and around 1.5 hours of daily whole group instruction! Yet somehow, we still got quite a bit done (language arts-wise, of course). So on to Five for Friday!

My school has a partnership with a non-profit organization called Starting Arts which brings arts education to schools. Our class meets once a week with a Starting Arts instructor and goes through four different art rotations. Our first rotation was theater. The kids learned some acting skills and practiced being performers and audience members. Our current rotation is dance. The kids have been learning some stretches and dance moves. 

On Wednesday, I took the day off (but came back for conferences!) to attend my boyfriend's swearing-in ceremony. He is now a corrections officer! So proud of him, yet also not sure what to think of what might be ahead of him in his new career. 

One of the many things we did for Language Arts this week, learning and practicing sight words! We read the word, spell the word out loud, write the word in the air, write it on our whiteboards, and write a sentence using the sight word. Whew! Tons of activities!

We also talked about plural nouns and the rules for adding -s and -es. 

Despite the weird schedule, one thing we kept consistent for the week was Daily Five. I normally assign kids to their Daily Five rotations for the day. On Friday, though, we had a short time for Daily Five due to some morning ceremonies, so that kids were given the freedom to choose their own Daily Five rotation. Boy, were they delighted!

And that concludes my week! All but one (a no-show) parent conference are done and now my files can go back in the cabinet!

Now, to just make it through the two days before Thanksgiving break! (Wishing I was back at my old school right now, because we got the whole week off there!)

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