Friday, January 9, 2015

Five for Friday: First Week Back!

It's finally Friday! To all those teachers who had to come back this week from their holiday break...we made it! Now it's time to celebrate with a Five for Friday!

On Monday, we read Squirrel's New Year's Resolution to learn what a resolution this.
[Click image above to see it on Amazon.]
Then we came up with some resolutions for the class as a whole...

...and also came up with

individual resolutions while completing a New Year's flipbook by Teaches Third in Georgia.

I got (well, requested) a bluetooth speaker from the boyfriend for Christmas! While messing around with trying to figure out how to upload music to my iPad without having to use iTunes, I also discovered iTunes radio. Did you know that there's a "Frozen" station which basically plays Disney songs only? No commercials too! (Probably being its a station for kids). So while we were working on a birthday book for a classmate, the class got to enjoy listening to different Disney songs on iTunes radio via my new bluetooth speakers!

This week was also snowman week! Snowman week included labeling a snowman, writing instructions on how to build a snowman, and creating a torn paper snowman masterpiece!

We also started our geometry unit this week. The kids always love it when the pattern blocks come out, especially when they are told to just use them to build whatever pictures they want!

We also started our new science unit on air and weather. Means we are adding some new Science vocabulary to our word bank!

You've read about my week. How was yours?? :)


  1. Thanks for telling us about the Frozen station! That is super exciting news. It is so hard to find things for students to listen to other than a CD played over and over.
    The torn paper snowmen are absolutely adorable!

  2. That's so great to know about iTunes! I used to play Pandora's kids station and then this commercial came on for Adam and Eve and I freaked out and ran to turn it off and that was the end of Pandora:( I love your class resolution. That's a great idea!