Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcoming the New Year...Currently Style!

Happy new year, everyone! :)
Best way to celebrate on the blog is to participate in the Currently linky!

Listening - Since most of my current tv shows are on break, time to catch up on some of the shows that I don't usually watch. All caught up Major Crimes, now catching up on Rizzoli and Isles!

Loving -  OMG, can't even explain how much I enjoy sleeping in! Working at this new school means waking up at 6am. Being a night person, that is no fun at all!

Thinking - Lots has happened in 2014, ups and downs. Only makes me wonder what 2015 will bring...

Wanting - How ridiculous does that sound coming from a teacher on break?? We have a district visit the Thursday we come back from break. The principal wants everything on display in our rooms to be recent, which means I have lots to change! We get our own security codes to get on campus and I had wanted to go last weekend, but campus was closed that weekend due to construction. It was only supposed to be closed until Tuesday, but now that's been extended to closed until this coming Saturday. 

Needing - Weak Californian here. It's cold!!!

Yes - Living at home will definitely help with that.
Maybe - Living at home is great, but eventually I do want to move out and possibly move in with the boyfriend. I figured a good time to do it would be in the summer so that's something to think about. 
I Wish - I wish I had the creative juices and energy to make all the awesome products that I could possibly make in the near future. 

Alright, that's it for now! Look out for my gingerbread entry tomorrow! :D


  1. I have also enjoyed sleeping in and napping during the day. It has been so nice to have a break from reality and to just relax and get some much needed rest! Hope you soak up all the sleep you can before school starts again!

  2. It is very cold here and I don't like it! We are definitely spoiled in Cali with our weather!

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