Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Top 10 Insta Pics of 2014

It's only New Year's Eve so I still have time, because I found another linky party for 2014! Teachery Tidbits is hosting a linky for the top 10 instagram pictures of 2014!

Here we go!!

Day 1 in Vegas done. Gordon Ramsey Steak for dinner before watching KA. Super yummy! #piccollage

Went to Vegas with the boyfriend during my Spring Break and we tried Gordon Ramsay's food for the first time! I'm a fan of Gordon Ramsay and really wanted to try his beef wellington. Yum!

Special day today! We made the set and props for our mini-opera! From left to right: bookshelf, backdrop, spaghetti. #picstitch #backtoschool #sfaria
My class last year participated in the SF Opera Aria program and created their own mini-opera with a teaching artist. The kids also built all the set pieces and props!

Dirt in a cup and sand in@a cup as my birthday treats for the kiddos! Yum! #picstitch #happybirthdaytome
I always enjoy celebrating my birthday with my kiddos!

Took this on Friday. When we get back tomorrow it will be a chrysalis. #teachersofinstagram#teachersfollowteachers #lifecycles #livespecimen
Our plants and animals unit! I was very impressed with my phone camera and it being able to zoom in that much and still have a somewhat clear shot.

This is in our hotel elevator. What???? #picstitch#travelsinjapan #exploringkyushu #elevatortoilet
I think the caption is pretty self-explanatory. :)

Two paths to take, one old, one new. Both will take you to the same place but the journey there will be different. Which do you take? #latergram#kumamotocastle #lifedecisions
This picture is actually referring to my decision to change schools and district so that I could be closer to my boyfriend and family. One very hard decision to make since I loved my old school.

Super excited to try out this new planner! Thanks bf!#thingsthatexciteteachers
Love my Erin Condren planner! 

Author Kathryn Otoshi came to visit our school today. Her books are great and she has the cutest autographs! #kathrynotoshi #one #two
Love her books and absolutely love her autographs!

Cookies in a jar for my grade level team plus some others. #pinterestideas #cookieinajar #holidaygift #diy
Such an easy and quick gift to make! I might have to make this a holiday tradition! :)

Happy holidays from Santa Snap! #dogsofinstagram#hisfirstoutfit #becomingoneofthoseowners #santapup#puppylove
Our pup that the family adopted this year! Such a sweetie and cutie pie!

So many pictures to choose from, but those are my top ten for 2014! Visit me or follow me on instagram to see more! :D


  1. So much fun! Enjoying the looks back at 2014.
    Sarah from Mrs. Jones Teaches :o)

  2. that a potty in the elevator??? I went to Okinawa last year and had to use one of the squatty potties! Eck!

    Thanks for linking up!
    Teachery Tidbits