Saturday, December 20, 2014

Holiday Gifts

Woohoo! Holiday recess (as my district calls it) has finally begun! I tried to start a blog post early this week to share what we've been working hard on in class this past month, but exhaustion settled in and it never got finished. But fear not! I plan to finish the post during this break so stay tuned to hear about our gingerbread adventures later!

Today, however, I thought I would have enough energy to make a short post to share my holiday gifts this year. I really relied heavily on Pinterest this year, but they turned out cute! Here we go!
Double Chocolate & Toffee Cookies in a jar for the grade-level team and principal!
Credit: Crazy Little Projects

Reindeer Hot Cocoa for the "lunch bunch"
Credit: Thrifty Jinxy

Books from Scholastic, cocoa drizzled kettle korn from Trader Joe's (snowman bags from Michaels), and pencils from the Target dollar section for the students! The card was made via Vistaprint.
The kids especially loved their gifts. They really enjoyed the popcorn while watching a Charlie Brown Christmas, and were super excited after coming in from lunch when they saw presents on their desks!

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday break! Don't forget to relax, relax, and RELAX! :D

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