Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Help! Advice Needed!

Last year we did workshop using the "May Dos" and "Must Dos" format. It worked out really well and I had parent volunteers who would come in weekly to do some decodable reading with my low readers. 

This year, I am trying out Daily Five for workshop. It's progressing great right now! We have managed to build our stamina for Read to Self up to 13 minutes and are currently working on Read to Someone. There must be something about Daily Five because even though this year's crowd of kids are much chattier than last, they are training much faster in working independently QUIETLY so as not to disturb their classmates. 

BUT, here comes the problem. I already have an aide in the classroom during workshop time to do some intervention and small group work. I guess I didn't really think it through when I was coming up with my volunteer list and kept workshop volunteers on my list this year since they worked out really well last year. However, with the students working independently on Daily Five and also having students work with the teacher and aide during that time, I'm sort of at loss as to what to have my parent volunteer do when they start coming in (I'm waiting until we are 15 minutes for Read to Someone). I already have parents signed up for every day of the week and I don't want to flake out on them with nothing for them to do. 

Any suggestions on what they can do with the kids during the time? I was thinking maybe have the parent facilitate the word work station??? Or should I have the parent do the same as last year, just cycle through different kids and read decodables with them?


  1. I have parents come in and listen to my kiddos on their Dolch Words & word families.


    1. That's a good idea! The kids have been doing word family activities during workshop time after stamina building so I can definitely use a parent to help facilitate that. :)