Friday, October 4, 2013

Currently & Five for Friday!

Oh boy. I don't even want to check when the last time I updated this blog was. I've been such a horrible blogger. ><

But! I'm here! (for now) So...Five for Friday!

We had a month change this week which means....
Hehe. I'm so braindead so I couldn't think of a trick or treat. I guess my treat is a stretch...xP

Reader's Workshop - Listening to and recording our inner voice while reading.

We received our first DonorsChoose project this week! A class set of brand new whiteboards! One of the pics for our DonorsChoose thank you. :)

Talking about suffixes...

Talking about Piet Mondrian in Art and creating our own animals Mondrian-style!


  1. LOVE the Piet Mondrian pictures! I also love the hair on the kid on the top!! You are not a horrible blogger...You are a great teacher!
    Your newest follower,

  2. Thanks for following me because now I'm following you! :) I love the Mondrian project and the NOISE letters ~ I was going to change my ART to NOISE this year but have been using WBT strategies and can't do too much change up all at once.
    SVU is one of my favorite shows ... that season opener was intense!

  3. The Mondrian art is really cool! Congratulations on getting your donor's choose project funded. That is always so exciting!! :)

    Carolina Teacher