Friday, October 18, 2013

Five for Friday

I really wish I could blog more often, but I simply just don't have the energy! I barely have the energy for Five for Friday but I'm trying to at least commit to this! This week was conference week so we had three minimum days. These conferences are only on an "as-needed" basis so I only had six conferences but boy am I still exhausted! I can't imagine what it will be like when December comes and I meet with all 27 children's parents! @@

Finally mailed our thank you letters for our first DonorsChoose project. The main donor for that project was one of my college friends. Of course, I told my students that so these thank you letters are much more personalized. :)

My last post shared some inventive spelling. Love this one too! :)

Learning about bats this week. The kids came up with some great questions!

Reader's workshop reading strategy...chunking words! We looked for familiar words or parts in these words to help us with reading them.

While looking for things to do with bats online, I stumbled upon a webquest made just for 2nd grade! First, we watched Stellaluna on Storyline Online. Then they completed the webquest in the computer lab. It was great to see the kids so engaged and focused doing RESEARCH on the computer (and not playing games!). They learned so much and were so excited to do it! I am definitely going to have to find some more webquests to do in the future. 

Second grade math finally started! Learned about regrouping starting with adding a one-digit number to a two-digit number. 

Then moved on to adding two two-digit numbers. 

Sorry for the quality. I was too lazy to go turn on the lights for this picture.
My kids were having so much difficulty remembering to show their work properly (carry that ten!) so I spent a night searching the internet for some ideas. Finally, I stumbled upon this poem on regrouping
Found on Pitner's Potpourri
Unfortunately, this came out blurry when I printed it out, so I made my own version. Up to grabs! :) 
Click on the image above to download it!
Okay, all done for today/the week! :)


  1. Loved your post. Glad you joined in this week. The inventive spelling melts my heart every time.

  2. Super helpful re-grouping visual! I think I may need to use something similar for my kids who are about to start regrouping! Hailey from Autism Tank

  3. Just found your blog, and I'm your newest follower! I've been thinking about doing a Donor's Choose project.... is it difficult to get started and maintain?

    Miss Woodward's Class

  4. I completely understand about being too tired to blog more! This year has been crazy busy!! We just finished up our bat unit....looks like your kiddos had so much fun! :)