Friday, January 31, 2014

Five for Friday

Thank goodness this was a short week (PD day today). I managed to catch a cold on Sunday so this week, you can imagine was pretty under the weather. Even took a half day on Tuesday to go see the doctor's (which rarely happens). That's how bad it was. Not fully recovered yet, but at least the fever is gone. :)

We finished our "Be An Expert" presentations this week (students had to become an expert on a topic relating to the pre-historic era and present it to their class). I was very very impressed with some of the presentations! I could definitely tell who were really experts and who weren't. I especially loved the presentations that included some audience participation (asking the audience questions to answer) and/or examples to share with the class.

Thursday was our school's Lunar New Year celebration. I started my Lunar New Year activities on Wednesday, starting with my newest product, learning how to write 3-digit numbers in Chinese!

Another fun activity also relating to math. This time, the students had 2 minutes to use chopsticks to transfer as many candy pieces from the plate to their paper towel as they could. Then they had to fill out a math worksheet using what they were able to pick up as their data.

Most of the kids weren't able to use the chopsticks correctly to pick the candy up. It was interesting to see the strategies they used to get the candies over to the paper towels.


Lovely candy art

Thursday was our all school Lunar New Year Parade. I was able to get a professional lion dance group to come and perform too! :)

Today was a PD day. No students, but still had to work. Our district decided to suddenly implement some Common Core curriculum units that they created and want us to use it starting NEXT WEEK! 

Yea I'm not sure how that is going to happen since I still have two units from our old pacing guide that I still have to teach before teaching these new units. @@ 

It will work out somehow...

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