Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January Currently


A new year...a new month...which also means, a CURRENTLY! :D

Can you tell that I'm really enjoying my winter break? I'm so thankful I still have the rest of the week off. I've read some blogs where teachers have to go back to work tomorrow. I can't even imagine!!!

I've also decided to do a post on a recap of my entire winter break rather than each week. Winter break isn't over yet, so I guess that post will have to wait! ;)


  1. Getting back into school hard. I actually pulled out some papers from my bag tonight and did some grading. I go back Monday for a work day. Tuesday we have a professional development day, and the kids come Wednesday. It helps to ease back in. Your memory, family time. It is the very best. I have loved all the time with family. I wish I could have been with all of them. Enjoy the rest of your break! Happy New Year!

  2. I know how you feel about loving the break! We don't go back until Monday either, but students don't return until Tuesday. It has been nice having this time to rest and relax.

    The First Grade Jungle Room

  3. hahahahaha I love the despicable me banana song!! My class last year would go into hysterics when they saw it - which in turn made me laugh uncontrolably!!
    All the best for the rest of your school year!
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