Monday, December 30, 2013

Pre-Winter Break Recap

Oh no! I was halfway through my post and then Blogger froze and none of this entry got saved! Guess I have to start over again...

Well, I admit. My poor blog has been neglected once again, and I have so much to share about the past two weeks! Rather than write one very loooooong post, I'm going to chunk it into two posts, one for each week. So, let's rewind!


So much to accomplish during that week before winter break! Nothing really in the academic realm besides Math so we spent the week doing centers and research for our next project, becoming an expert on something relating to the Prehistoric Era!

This one wanted to know everything about volcanoes. 
Practicing our antonyms!
Reading Scholastic News!
Making compound words!
We also spent the week creating and finishing our cards and gifts to our buddies and family.
Making cards for our kinder buddies. 
Some were trying their hand in making pop-up cards. 
2014 calendars for the family.

Also made lavender-scented sock snowmen as another family gift.
We also wrapped up the week with our winter party! The parents led the kids through some crafts and games (not pictured)...

Making mason jar snowglobes. 
Add a ribbon and give it a little shake and it's done!
 ...then we enjoyed some delicious and cute snacks while watching Mr. Popper's Penguins! Great movie! If you haven't seen it yet, I would definitely recommend it!

And that was the week before winter break. Left the school with a bundle of gifts filled with student love. After placing them all around my Charlie Brown Christmas Tree, I could barely see the tree!

Lastly, for those have you who wanted to know treat I made my co-workers this year...

"White Trash"!!
Got the recipe from a fellow blogger, Teaching with TLC.

Come back tomorrow for my recap on the first week of winter break! :D

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