Friday, December 6, 2013

Five for Friday!!

UPDATE: So, for some reason...blogger wasn't letting me upload pictures anymore. Which means my Friday post has now become a Saturday post....Sorry for those who stopped by earlier and probably wondering why the post was incomplete. Now it's not! :D

After a week of break, I can't believe this week went by so quickly! So much happened that I have plenty of things to share for Five for Friday this week! :)

Whale reports were due after Thanksgiving break and we began doing the presentations this week. The kids were required to create a piece of artwork to go with the report and some kids (and parents) went all out!

Bowhead whale painted on glass.
Sperm whale.

Some parents came in and did a guest presentation on Hannukah. We got to eat latkes and play the dreidel game with some gelt. Lots of fun!

The Marine Mammal Center drove their whale bus (van, really) over to our school and shared some great things about whales. The kids got to see some pretty cool stuff including bones, baleen, teeth, and even eyeballs!

Orca eyeball.

We went over the parts of a whale while dressing up a classmate in a whale costume!
Whale skin and blubber.
Kids measuring themselves to see how the humpback whale's fluke is compared to them. 
All that walking around and touching things created quite a bit of static electricity for one of my young friends. 
That made my day. :)

We also created winter landscapes using tempera paint. Great success!

Since I ended up posting on a Saturday, I guess I might as well add this. Today was our school's winter bazaar. I've never been to it before so I thought I'd stop by this year, especially since I had some students with booths selling things. When I got there, I found one of my student's booth and saw him hiding in the corner. His mom told me business wasn't doing too well so I went and found him wandering around. I told him if he went back to his booth and gave me a good sales pitch, I would buy his stuff. Well I guess he did alright, since I ended up buying both of the items he was selling!
Reindeer soap (soap is inside the washcloth) and jingle bells. Ignore the mess behind!
Parent conferences next week! Wish me luck! :)

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