Friday, December 13, 2013

Five for Friday - Conference Week

When are your parent-teacher conferences? Mine was this week which means minimum days ALL week followed by 5-6 conferences per day after school. Can I just say I'm EXHAUSTED???? But I have JUST enough energy for a Five for Friday post! (maybe?!)

We finished our whale presentations this week. Some more awesome artwork! :D

Sperm whale painting

Orca reserve

Sperm whale battling a giant squid

 We began our unit on informative writing in Writer's Workshop. Last week, we conducted a quick experiment and wrote a lab report (following Lucy Caulkins's Units of Study). This week we went back and revised our lab report by looking specifically at the "Procedures" page.

Wish I had examples of what the kids wrote but I definitely was not thinking of pictures for that with conferences happening!


Subtraction with regrouping! We started last week with just two-digit minus one-digit. This week we moved on to two-digit minus two-digit. Have you seen the subtraction poem on pinterest? I absolutely LOVE! Showed it to my kids and we even made hand motions for each line of the poem. Almost turned into a little dance! 


Unfortunately, we also had a little hiccup in our week. I was out for a day for a PD on this program we are doing with the San Francisco Opera (the class will be creating their own mini Aria!). While I was out, two of my students decided it was okay to go to the teacher's desk while the substitute wasn't looking and took back their loom bracelets that I had confiscated from them a while back. I wasn't there to see it. Unfortunately for them, there were a couple witnesses who reported it to me, which led to a not so good morning the following day. 

Journal entry for EVERYONE 
Apology letter from one of the culprits. Can't help but smile a little at the end.  
Besides preparing for parent conferences, I also finished addressing my holiday cards to my students (presents were wrapped during Thanksgiving break!). Writing personalized messages is too much work so this year I made sure the cards I designed through Vistaprint already had a message on them. 

Of course, I still can't NOT write anything so I just wrote a nice one-liner. :)

These kids are so spoiled. Not only do they get a book from their teacher as a gift, they also get a free book Scholastic coupon with their card. :)

I know I hit my five but I JUST have to share this one.

The best thing I love about math is that there are many ways to get to an answer. I definitely did not teach this way but SO awesome! :)

Have a wonderful weekend! Just one more week left for me! :D

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