Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lunar New Year Fun, Freebie, and New Product!

Can this be true? Am I really writing a post that's not Five for Friday??? @@

Lunar New Year is right around the corner (this Friday)! I love that my school celebrates it with an all school Lunar New Year parade. It gives me a chance to share some of my own culture with my students. :)

To read about the things I've done with my class in the past, click here. I also made a yummy treat to share with my kids, red bean sticky cake! I shared the recipe for this in an old post.

Since I'm teaching second grade AND looped with some students, I needed to come up with something a little different this year. We are still going to do the chopstick math (read about it here) because my kids had a lot of fun with it last year. However, I did change the worksheet so that it's more relevant to second grade. We are learning about fractions right now so it only made sense to stick some fractions in there! I also changed the licorice bites to gummy worms. I noticed that the kids were purposely avoiding the licorice bites since they didn't want to eat them.

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I also typically teach my kids how to write and say the numbers one to ten in Chinese. Since I did that last year in first grade and have some of the same students this year in second, I felt like I couldn't just repeat the lesson. So I decided to up it up a bit, which led to the creation of my new product!

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Second grade is all about place value with lessons on 2-digit and 3-digit computation. So I thought it would be fun to learn how to write 3-digit numbers in Chinese. It will also show the students that math concepts are universal because Chinese numbers also written by following a place value rule too!

I don't have any student examples yet since I'm doing this lesson with my students tomorrow. Here is a computerized example of what the book looks like:

Hope that's enough to interest you so go check it out! The product includes a cover for the book, page templates, a Chinese number guide, and Chinese place value guide. (Hint: If you download the preview, you might get a guide for free!) I also included 4-digit numbers for upper grades. :)

I know I haven't created any new products in a while so the first person to comment will get this product for free! Don't forget to leave your email! :)

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  1. Oh we will be celebrating Chinese New Year in school this Friday! The kids will be performing a dragon dance!