Friday, March 14, 2014

Five for Friday

Report cards are done (primarily since they went home today)! Also had parent conferences. So TGIF!!! Also means time for Five for Friday!!! There's lots to share this time! :)

We focused on narrative paragraph writing during Writer's workshop this week. We have spent a bit of time in the past talking about creating topic sentences. This time I wanted the kids to focus more on their supporting details. I gave the students two topic sentences to choose from, "Last weekend I had a lot of fun." and "Last week I did not have fun." The students then filled out their graphic organizer with supporting details and I asked for some to be shared. 

Some of them are quite entertaining!

We started our Cinderella unit last week. The kids have been working in partners and reading different versions of the Cinderella story (I had no idea there were so many!!!). We do one each day. 

Of course, it's not all about reading! They are also filling out pages in a workbook I created for them using pages from the two units I got on TpT below. 

They are both super awesome! I told the kids that they are doing research when they are reading because when we are done circulating through all the books, the kids will be writing their own Cinderella story!

We started our geometry unit this week. Lots of it was a review of stuff from first grade like reviewing plane shapes, solid shapes, and their attributes. 

We also took solid shapes and traced them on paper to see what plane shapes their faces are.

We also learned some new vocabulary words, too! :)

If you've been following my blog you'll know that my class is currently participating in the San Francisco Opera's ARIA program. We have been meeting with a teaching artist weekly and working on creating our own mini-opera based on the story, Bullies Never Win.

This week, we got a special visit from some Adler Fellows, opera performers in training with the SF Opera. Before meeting them, the class came up with some questions to ask them. I was really impressed with the ones they came up with!

Then we met them! (two singers and a pianist)

Each of the singers performed a short piece for us. Then we got to sing a song with them!

First they singed a song from the opera, "The Magic Flute"...

...and then we joined them!

Oh, what fun the kiddos had! 

Our school's annual auction fundraiser is coming up (next Saturday!). Each class is in charge of creating a class basket for the class auction (it's typically parents who create it). Some of them are currently on display in the school lobby to give parents a sneak peek of what they can bid on! Some of these are pretty cool! (My class's isn't pictured since it's not there yet.)

Okay, weekend is finally beginning! :D


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    1. Hi Amna!

      Thanks for the follow! I'm off to check out your blog now! :)