Friday, March 21, 2014

Five for Friday

Another week done! Only 50 more days of school left! @@

Our geometry unit continues with some geoboard fun!

Some of the kiddos creations...

Tilt your head to the left.

This is meant to be a fox, but I was lazy and didn't rotate the picture before uploading it. Now it looks more like a fish. :)

A parent came in during our usual music time to introduce the students to some woodwind instruments, the clarinet and flute. 

The only St. Patrick's Day related activity we did (there's just NO time!). I led the kids through a directed drawing of a leprechaun all thanks to First Grade Blue Skies. I decided to do the lesson on the classroom iPad rather than on the whiteboard or a piece of paper for a special reason. Read on to find out why! But first, some pictures of kiddos working on their drawings!

And here's the reason why I did my lesson on the iPad! I had some kiddos who were pulled out for some intervention work when I was teaching this lesson so I used the app, EduCreations, to record myself. When the kiddos came back from their pull-out time, I set them on the carpet with the iPad and some headphones and viola! Now, everyone has their drawing completed! :)

I'm still learning how else to use a single iPad in the classroom, but this is definitely a good start!

More geometry fun! This time we made shapes using pattern blocks!

This was probably one of the most hands-on week for the kids ever! For Art, we worked with clay. Every year the kids get to make one clay project and it's always the one they look forward to. Last year when I was in first grade, the kids made clay fish. This year in second grade, the kiddos made coil "pots"!

Hopefully they all make it through the kiln! Can't wait to find out!

Oh, remember back to the beginning of March with the Currently? (Is it really mid-March already???) My answer was Frozen and my question was, "What movie have I not seen yet?" Well...guess who pre-ordered the dvd...

I haven't watched it yet but I plan to tonight! :)


  1. My kids love making shapes on geoboards and using pattern blocks. Your kids had some really great designs! What a fun clay project for your students! I'm glad I found you on Five for Friday, I'm your newest follower! If you are interested, I am running my first giveaway for a TpT gift certificate and an item from my store! Have a great weekend!
    Tricks of the Trade in First Grade

  2. Hi Andrea! Thanks for the follow! Hopefully I'll be able to keep you interested in my blog! xP