Friday, March 7, 2014

Five for Friday

Another week over! Is it sad that all the teachers at school have started counting down to the last day of school??? Today was day 119 so that means 60 to go! Report cards are also going home next week and I'm not ready yet! aah!!

I think I mentioned before the our class is partnering with the San Francisco Opera and working with a teaching artist to create our own mini opera. This week, we also got an extra visit from someone in the SF Opera Costume Department. She brought some real costumes from the opera The Magic Flute and then talked about the different jobs there are in the costume department.

Math this week has been all about multiplication!

Making equal groups using cubes!

We also solved word problems (that the students wrote themselves!) and showed all to do it through all four ways! 

So I've been using reward coupons this year (which are awesome by the way). One kid decided to grab a "Teacher Cleans Your Desk" coupon and used it this week. He definitely needed it!

Look at the blue folder. Torn completely in half! Crazy. Let's just say that went in the recycle....

Last Sunday was a good friend and colleague's birthday. Her weekend was busy so I took her out to dinner to celebrate on Wednesday instead! Japanese tapas! Yum!

For Art this week, the kiddos made a watercolor wilderness scene. We just finished our unit on camouflage so the kids were told to try to camouflage an animal in their wilderness scene. They had to color their animal in crayon so that it would sort of hide and show up in the artwork.

So I guess I ran out of numbers, but I just had to share this...
Are you tired of getting no-name papers and students making silly mistakes on tests? Well, I am! And no matter how many times I remind them to they still never seem to remember. So, I'm trying this out!

Haha, I hope this works! :)

 Alright, I guess I better get back to those darn report cards! @@

P.S. The question to my Currently from the previous post is...What movie have I not seen yet? I was actually quite impressed by the different questions people came up with!

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  1. Oooh - I love the desk cleaning reward. I will have to add that to my "Shop!" Also, I have my kids highlight their names and numbers when they turn in work and it has saved me so much time and hassle!
    My Carolina Classroom