Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Blog Hoppin Teacher Week: Classroom Tour

Time for Wednesday's post!

I actually already have a classroom reveal post since school started three weeks ago for me. But now that some time has passed, some things have been added to the classroom so why not update the pictures? :)

I brought my camera to school today so I could take higher quality photos, of course...the batteries were dead! So unfortunately, that means the photos are from my phone (which aren't too shabby!)

Here we go!

Starting with some overall classroom pictures from my desk...

Some of the different signs/posters near my front door.

Here's the parent volunteer corner. I put things that I need copied/laminated or cut up and put together in the bins. Parents will just drop by whenever they are free and check the bins for things to do.

The "front" of the classroom with my attendance pocket charts, agenda, and math word wall.

My students' mailboxes and book bins. Also used the extra mailbox slots to store construction paper.


My two bulletin boards. Owls for my homeroom class. Birds for my PM class. 

The classroom library!!!

As you can tell, I'm all about using post-its as labels...

And new desk arrangement! I saw this on pinterest and decided to try it out and I really love it! I'm glad I made this investment!

And that's my classroom!
Forgot to take a picture of my desk but there isn't much to see there except for a small mess. xP
I'm off to go see what other people's classrooms look like! 

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