Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Community Helpers Guessing Game

This week, we started our new unit on community workers or, "Our Neighborhood at Work" as our ELA curriculum calls it. Cyber Monday came at the perfect time because I took that opportunity to buy this:

Click on the image to check out the product at One Extra Degree's TpT store! Definitely a great buy! Check out her blog too!

I used this activity for my unit opener. We watched a short episode of Berenstein Bears that related to jobs and then did this activity. My students loved the top secret folders and were excited to hear that they were going to become detectives!

To summarize the activity, students are assigned a top secret case file. In the case file is the name of a community helper and four index cards. Students are to draw hints on each index card to be displayed. Then the rest of the class has to use the hints to guess who the community helper is. It's a great exercise for making our brains work hard, as I like to tell the kids. I had my students work in pairs so it also provided a good opportunity for some partner discussion and teamwork. Some kids did really well in that aspect. Others, not so much. But most of the final products came out great! See if you can guess the community helper they are supposed to be!

I had the fifth grade teacher next door try to guess each one. My kids did a pretty good job. He guessed like 3/4 correctly. 

Come back tomorrow for that answers! :)

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