Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thankful for My Teacher

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There are some teachers in the past that I still have clear memories of who have all taught me something about being a teacher. I am thankful for...

My fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Miles, had me completing workbooks on vocabulary in addition to regular classwork. Of course, I hated doing those as a student. But after becoming a teacher, I realized what she was doing to help me grow as a student.

My fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Krishnamurthy, showed me that teachers can be friends with their students.   I saw her as my teacher. But I also saw her as a friend. I remember planning a secret surprise birthday party for her with a Star Wars cake (she was a big fan) and everything.

My tenth grade math teacher, Ms. Renazco, showed me that she believed in me. She would always spend time with me after school and help me with my math. Even though I was struggling, she always believed in me and was patient with me as we worked through the various challenging math problems.

And finally, my 2nd grade master teacher, Ms. Stienstra, who helped prepare me for this teaching career. The time I spent in her classroom was much more valuable than my graduate courses. She showed me how to connect with the students, teach for the students rather than to the tests, and just provide a well-rounded education to all my students. I would've never been so prepared for my first year of teaching last year if I had not been paired up with her. I am so very thankful for her!

What teachers are YOU thankful for?

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