Thursday, April 4, 2013

Daily Five Part 2

(This post is a continuation from a previous post which can be found here.)

So where were we? Oh yes, the Daily Five checklist and folder. So here is our Daily Five folder...

When you open it, it looks like this...
The pocket to the right holds the worksheets for "Work on Writing". 
The pocket to the left holds the worksheets for "Word Work".
The checklist is in the page protector in between the pockets...
March checklist

As you can see, there are three activities in each "rotation" that the students are expected to complete by the end of the month. All necessary worksheets are provided in the folders already. I also have boxes for "Work on Writing" and "Word Work" that holds any additional materials to complete their "rotation" which students bring to their table group. 

The websites are also all archived and saved on the computer desktop for easy access.
Ha, like my camera reflection? This is for April's Daily Five.
The listening center is also set up with all three books stored neatly for easy access and clean up.

Once each activity has been completed, the students cross it out on their checklist. At the end of the month, I collect all the folders, gather all the papers, staple them together to "grade", and put the new stuff in. Grading basically just means go through the papers and make sure the checklist has been marked correctly and that the activities in general have been completed correctly.

And that's basically the gist of how I do Daily Five in the classroom! Whew! I thought the first post was long, this one is definitely longer! Thanks for reading to the end! Would love some feedback if possible! :)

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