Friday, April 5, 2013

Happy Birthday TBA!

Happy birthday to Teaching Blog Addict! TBA is now two years old!! :)

I am joining in TBA's birthday celebration by participating in the Ultimate Freebie Celebration! Yay!

Teaching Blog Addict - Ultimate Freebie

Here is my freebie...writing paper for a short poem about Spring!
Click on the image to access and download.
The space underneath "Spring is everywhere I see!" is meant for the kids to draw something "spring-y" like a line of flowers or butterflies or something. 
This writing assignment can also be an opportunity for grammar lessons on adjectives, nouns, and verbs. I am currently in the midst of reviewing and brainstorming adjectives, nouns, and verbs for Spring with my class but check back tomorrow for more information on the full lesson!

P.S. For those that are curious, the structure of the poem is...
Spring is...
Spring is everywhere I see!

Enjoy! :)

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