Sunday, May 5, 2013

Five for Friday (Sun edition)

Is it too late to Five for Friday??? I originally wasn't going to do it because I was too tired from Friday's events and then Saturday kind of just flew by. But now that I'm finally transferring pictures from my camera to my external, I am seeing the pictures that I took for Five for Friday and feel like I have to share. So I guess here it is! Five for Friday...Sunday style!

1. Our caterpillars are growing like crazy! The picture below really doesn't accurately show what they look like right now. That picture was taken on Monday. By Friday, those buggers were HUGE. I'm hoping they will be in chrysalis stage this coming week. How exciting would that be??

2. We had an instructor visit from a nearby Arts and Science center to teach the kids an art lesson. This lesson was focused on Molas from the Kuna tribe of Panama. When the lesson first started, I was a bit worried because it just seemed like a big gigantic mess with all the color mixing and painting going on. However, the end results turned out pretty nice!


3. Wednesday was Principal's Day. The principal actually ended up treating the staff to a meal but we still thanked him with a card, a nice bottle of wine, and gift certificate to a nice restaurant. My class also made a card for him.

4. Thursday was our art lesson with our awesome art parent. We started a new topic on perspective this week so she introduced the concept to the kids by having them draw landscapes. We started with a horizon line and made very sure to differentiate the size of the objects in our foreground and background!

5. No pictures for this but I had two evening school events this week. Thursday night was Music Night. The music teacher planned a performance for the kids to do with their voices and barred instruments (aka xylophones). Friday was the first grade pajama party that the first grade teachers donated during our big school fundraise, the auction benefit. We had 28 first graders in their jammies making crafts, eating pizza, playing with the parachute, touring the school in the dark with glow sticks, and watching a short video while munching on some cookies, strawberries, and popcorn. Tons of fun! Tiring too!

Okay, whew. I got that over with. Still find it hard to believe that it is finally May. It's strange to see other bloggers mention how they only have numbers-in-the-teens days left of school. We only just hit the 30 day mark last week. We are now on 28 days left! Still pretty crazy! :)

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