Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Currently

I knew today was the first day of May, but with everything else going on...I almost forgot about Farley's Currently! Good thing I checked my Feedly (Google Reader replacement?!) and was reminded by the many blogs posting their Currentlys. So here is mine!

Listening - CSI! I think I watch too many tv shows. 

Loving - The weather has been wonderful lately! We are in the 80s this week. This means it's pretty awesome to be outside. However, hot weather also means muggy and warm classrooms. Only the portable classrooms have AC. The classrooms in the building (like mine) don't so we depend on the many fans we have strategically placed in the classroom. Doesn't really do much but we try our best! 

Thinking - Is is really May?!?! Last full month of school! Also means, a plethora of school events! Music Night, field trip, my birthday party (yes, I sneak that in there), Open House, Science Fair, Volunteer Appreciation Night! Music Night is tomorrow. Woohoo. So much fun! @@ Plus, I have also been summoned for jury duty the day after Memorial Day. Not sure how well that is going to work out...

Wanting - I am leaving for Asia with the family the week following our last week of school. That means I only have two business days after the last day of school to get my classroom all packed up and organized. Eek! I've been trying really hard this year to keep things as organized as possible so I don't have to clean so much at the end. But of course, piles of papers and things are still showing up. Wouldn't life be easier if things just organized and packed themselves?

Needing - What can I say? My shoulders are sore. :)

Summer Bucket List -  I think those three words say it all. I will be in Asia with my mom and bro for three weeks (Singapore for one, Taiwan for two). I also hope to make a weekend trip down to Disneyland with the boyfriend sometime in the summer. Of course, now that I've started to dab into creating lessons and products, I would like to spend some time in the summer really focused on creating things. Not sure how well that will pan out, but let's hope for the best! And of course, relax. Need I explain more? :)

Whew! Good thing I made it! Now...back to my CSI! :)


  1. Just found you through currently. Love your blog - it's so stinkin cute!

  2. I found you at Farley's Currently linky. I love your blog! I'm now your newest follower! I'm also a first grade teacher. :) If you can figure out how to get things to organize themselves, I'll pay you in gold! I'm a very organized person and I usually end up reorganizing things when I pack up at the end of the year. But last year I think I narrowed down my system. Goal this year- don't re-invent the organizing wheel if not direly it gradually next year. Fingers crossed I succeed. :)
    Mrs. Landry's Land of Learning

    1. Someone needs to invent an organizing machine! I'm pretty organized too and try to put everything back in their correct boxes. Of course, not everything gets put back in the correct place by students and that's when it gets hard. But I suppose that's what the work day after the last day of school is for? :)

      Good luck to you! Thanks for visiting! :)