Friday, May 10, 2013

Five for Friday

Whoa, I just saw that my last post was my 100th post to this blog! How exciting!

Okay, excitement is over. :)


1. This week was state testing! Lucky first graders don't have to take the test but our poor fifth grade buddies do. So, thanks to all the inspiration from fellow bloggers and pinterest, I decided to give those fifth graders some encouragement. We make "smart cookie" cards for our buddies. I went and bought those individual packs of mini oreos and stuck it to each card. Not a single fifth grader said thanks to me but I'm sure enjoyed it. :)

2. Our caterpillars turned into chrysalises over the weekend! So sad that we weren't able to see the transformation. But I did manage to find a couple caterpillars still crawling around in my main container of leftover caterpillars. Caught this one in action (the j-shape means it is ready to pupate and turn into a chrysalis). There is actually still one caterpillar left in the container that has not turned into a chrysalis yet. Not sure if it's sick or just stubborn. Guess we will see when we come back next week.

3. Wednesday was Teacher Appreciation Day. Besides providing us with a very large and scrumptious lunch (with a HUGE table full of desserts too), each teacher got their very own box filled with sweet cards and notes from students and parents. It also came with a t-shirt. Love the message. :)

4. We made our Mother's Day gifts! A tissue box book and a lovely canvas tile with a handprint on it. 

So adorable! Read more about it here.

5. What's this?? I don't have anything to say?? Unheard of! But don't worry, next week's Five for Friday will have tons to share since we have two events happening that week. Come back next week to find out what they are!

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