Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday so of course we had to celebrate in the classroom. What better way to celebrate in the classroom then to throw a party? The class voted and we decided to throw a pajama party! :)
Invitation that was sent home
It was a busy and exciting day for all us as the kids came into the classroom in their pjs. But before entering the classroom, I was surprised by Room Mom with a vase full of flowers! I guess she sent out an email to the class and asked everyone to bring in a flower or two from their gardens at home to contribute to the class bouquet. The vase was literally bursting with flowers, I kid you not! When I brought all the flowers I got home, I did some flower transferring and ended up filling three vases! What an awesome present! :)

Our day was a mixture of birthday-related activities, some core curriculum, and some Specials (motor skills and music). During our phonics time, we tried to make words using the letters in "birthday".

Then we played a fun game of Tape the Candle on the Cake. Such an entertaining game to watch! Most of the students did awesome but I definitely had some go off course and needed to be redirected. One of my students literally walked around half the carpet blindfolded and without bumping into anything and never reached the board! He ended up taping his candle on my clip chart which is on the side of my filing cabinet. :)
There he is! :)

The end result! There were three candles that didn't make it on the paper. :)
We also did some birthday related writing. I had the kids guess my age when they were writing in my birthday book. The serious guesses ranged from 20 to 41. The silly guessed ranged from 5 to 1000. Haha. I do have to take some credit though. Every time a kid asked me how old I was I would give a ridiculous number and change it every time a new person asked. :)

I also had the kids write what they think I should get for my birthday. Got some very interesting responses...

I took a day off once to do a veteran teacher observation for BTSA.
And, the strangest...

The sweetest...

And finally, the funniest!

A birthday celebration isn't complete without a birthday treat! I made chocolate-covered strawberries for the kiddos.
Marvelous Monkey theme! 
What an exciting day! But glad it's over. :)

Now to tackle the rest of the week! :)

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