Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Day and Mother's Day Craft

Today's post is two in one!

First off, today is Day of the Teacher so our lovely parents provided the teachers with a yummy lunch. There was so much food is was crazy! I wish I could've taken pictures of the food. It was very delicious. The dessert table was even longer! Best dessert ever were these tiny s'mores bites. I have to learn how to make those! The parents even gave us take out boxes to pack up the leftovers to take home. Didn't have to worry about dinner today! :)

Every teacher also got a gift box. Instead the box was a t-shirt (Keep Calm and Teach On) and a collection of cards from students and parents. I even got a letter from a former student. That made me really happy. So sweet! :)

So enough of feeling special's now time to talk about Mother's Day! (Special tidbit: I have the honor of sharing my birthday with Mother's Day this year.) Last year, we made tissue box books for as our Mother's Day gift. I did again this year with the kiddos but wanted to add some more. (For a video on how to make tissue box books, click here.)

Thumbprint heart! Cute? :)

When I think of Mother's Day gifts, I always think of this ceramic handprint I gave my mother when I was really young. Of course, I don't remember making it at school, but that thing hung on their bedroom wall for a loooong time. So naturally, when I think of Mother's Day presents, I think of handprints. I found the perfect gift on pinterest! 

Are they cute or what????? Check out the pin here!
If you don't have something figured out yet, this is super easy to make! It took my class one 50 minute session to get this all done. More effort was actually spent getting all the supplies!

I can't get over how adorbs they are! I bet the moms are going to LOVE them! Now it's time to go and wrap these wonderful gifts! :)

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