Friday, June 14, 2013

Five for Friday

Last Five for Friday of this school year because...Thursday was the last day of school! I have finally joined the "it's summer!" club! Don't have many pictures to share this week simply because I didn't really take many.

1. On Monday, we voted for our "fun awards". Last year, all the kids had strips of everyone's name and my friend, who was volunteering at that time, went around and gathered strips for each award category. Didn't have a friend volunteering this year so I opted for a paper "ballot". It seemed to work out pretty well.

2. On Tuesday, we had our awards ceremony. I used the awards made by Liz Fowler. The kids absolutely loved it!

3. Last week of school which also means clean, clean, clean! Sent the kids home with bags of stuff. But were also so happy to take it all home too! Along with everything that is in their desks, I also sent home a summer packet with suggested activities.

4. Fifth grade promotion was on the last day of school (Thursday). Our awesome fifth grade buddies were graduating so of course we had to make them cards to say congrats!

5. Once school was over on Thursday, it was Operation Clean and Pack Up the Classroom! I also have some news! I'm moving up to second grade next year and changing classrooms! Everyone looks at me crazy when I tell them I'm moving classrooms but I'm actually kind of excited! My new classroom's layout will allow me to take the spare Smartboard sitting in the Staff room so I'm super excited about that! Plus, I get to loop with some of my students. How exciting is that? Time to start following some second grade blogs and change my blog name?!?!

Anyways, I went off on a tangent. Back to Operation Clean and Pack Up the Classroom! My mom and brother came to help me out and we got quite a bit of stuff done! Spent 1.5 days packing and cleaning and this is what my classroom currently looks like.

Almost done! Still have some finishing touches left to do (all the crap on my desk and some other crap you don't see in the pictures) but I should be completely done and ready to turn in my keys on Monday. The classroom I'm moving to isn't ready for my move yet (retiring teacher leaving) so all I can do is box up my stuff and leave it in the hallway. My classroom will become a 1/2 combo classroom next year so I am also leaving a good amount of first grade stuff in there for the incoming teacher. 

But anyways, my last official work day is over and it's officially summer! How am I going to spend it? By starting off with a free seminar first thing in the morning! It's Rick Morris, who I have heard once and is a great speaker, so I'm looking forward to it. :)

Yay! Summer! :D


  1. Congrats on joining the "summer club." I looped a couple of years ago with a few of my students from first to second grade as well. You will LOVE teaching second grade. It is incredible!! Enjoy the new classroom. A "fresh" start is always a great way to start a new school year.
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

  2. You will love second grade!! That was my first teaching assignment and I got to work in it during student teaching. Truly an awesome experience. They are still loving and wanting to please you, yet so much more independent and capable of doing a lot on their own. It's wonderful to watch them grow and learn during this time! I loved my time in second but I'm also really enjoying my time first. :) Have a great summer!!
    Mrs. Landry's Land of Learning