Friday, June 7, 2013

Five for Friday...Almost There!

Almost done with school! Last full week of school! Also our last Friday of school (school ends on a Thursday). :)

1. I have a confession, my planner this week was BLANK (except for the "Specials" class). Don't believe me? Here it is!

Yea okay. I'm sure you all know how hard it is to plan when the core curriculum is done and the kids also have absolutely no focus or attention span to really do much.  So I basically planned as we went! However, we still did Daily Five every day which kept some sort of structure in the classroom. Also had the 10 day balloon countdown going as a sort of incentive so that was helpful too.

2. Monday was Bubble Gum Day as part of our countdown. Of course, we can just get gum to chew for fun...have to put some sort of academic twist to it! So, I had the kids write instructions on how to blow a bubble with bubble gum as a little preview of some writing they will be doing in second grade.
Most of the kids don't know how to blow a bubble so it was pretty interesting watching them try, especially when the gum accidentally goes flying out of their mouth when they are blowing.

3. Tuesday was Math Day. We spent most of the day doing random math activities. For part of the day, I pulled out the math manipulatives and had them sort them out. They thought they were doing some math stuff. Little did they know, they were helping me with clean up. :)

4. So my photographer friend was here last week and she took pictures of the kids with their page in our published class book. I got them printed out in 8x8 form and put it up on our hallway bulletin board. This is always one of my favorite bulletins to put up because the kids absolutely love it! :)

We also made a video recording of us reading the book. Check it out below! :)

5. I know last week is going to be super hectic with it being all minimum days and having other activities with wrapping up the school year. So of course, the Father's day stuff had to be done this week. When my friend was here, she helped me making photo magnets of the kids using their school picture stickers that all teachers receive. They turned out pretty awesome!

Of course, it's not really a gift from the kids if the kids don't create something themselves, so I found this awesome freebie from Little Learner Toolbox and had the kids create little books from them. Then  I had the kids decorate a tie template so that we could put the gift(s) in a cute little gift bag.

Of course, there's other stuff to post about that happened this week. And even though Open House was two weeks ago, I still want to post about Open House. I will try to catch up on blog posts this weekend and schedule them to show up next week! :)

Only four more days left! I still find it so hard to believe! @@

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  1. I confess! My planner looked exactly the same for our last week of school too! I love the photo magnet idea! They are super cute! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Ha. We are totally ready for school to end!

      Thanks for visiting! :)

  2. Just pinned your magnet idea onto one of my boards. ;0)

    1. Thanks! Search pinterest for more detailed instructions on how to make it. :)

  3. Love the photo magnets! I would like to do that to use in the classroom. :)

    1. I actually found the idea on pinterest. It's such a great idea! If you have scrapbook paper you could totally make some magnets with the leftover materials. :)

  4. Your photo magnets and bags turned out fabulous! I just found your blog through the Five for Friday and am glad I did. I am a new follower! Thanks for sharing your week...

    Sarah @ Hoots N Hollers

  5. Love the photo magnets. Don't worry we have all had an empty plan book week at one time or another.
    Primary Paradise

  6. I found your blog on Five for Friday! I love the name :)

    Three Cheers for First Grade!

  7. I think your blog is adorable!! Those photo magnets really did turn out great. I am your newest follower!

    Tina Parker