Sunday, June 9, 2013

Open House (Two Weeks Late)

Alright everyone, I know I am SUPER late with my Open House post. But Open House always makes me so proud of my students and even if it happened two weeks ago, I still want to share it with you all! :)

Guess who? 
Student self-portraits with acrostic poems using their first name underneath.

Volunteer appreciation corner. 
Popcorn bags to show that we're bursting with appreciation!

Mary Mack Comics!
Showing off our visualizing skills!
Some rocky seashore dioramas along with reports in front.

Student desks! Quite a bit of stuff on there. Mostly artwork, our butterfly observation book, and memory book.

Close up of our artwork. Mainly all from our lessons with the fabulous art mom!

If you're wondering, the building is from out last art lesson focused on perspective. The kids really liked it!

Our hallway bulletin. 
Coffee filter butterflies with a writing piece on what we learned about butterflies.

I made a scavenger hunt paper to give to the students when they entered the classroom with their family so that they could show their parents EVERYTHING there is to show in the classroom. Believe me, there was a lot to see.
Before Open House, I told that kids that they would be the tour guides. All I was going to do was stand at the door and say hi and bye to them. They had to do the rest and they did an AWESOME job!!!

I have now decided that Open House is my favorite event of the school year! It's a lot of hard work, but seeing the kid so proud of their work make me so proud of them!

Ok, back to reality and finishing all my stuff for the last week of school! Look out for most posts on what I've been up to soon! :)

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