Thursday, July 18, 2013

Recap of Asia Trip

So since I shared about the first half of my Asia trip in Singapore (which you can read about here), it only seems suitable to finish up the journey and talk about my trip to Taiwan after. I actually consider Taiwan my second home. I was actually born there, but moved to the US when I was only six months old. Since college, I pretty much go back to Taiwan every year. So, enough background info. I was in Taiwan for 2.5 weeks so instead of words, I'll recap with pictures! :)
First thing I did once I got to Taiwan, cut my hair! I always try to cut my hair in Taiwan because it's SO much cheaper! Only USD!!
My Singapore/hs friend came to visit me in Taiwan and I played tour guide for 4 days. First stop was the night market! She got to try some shrimping. :)
Also brought her to Tamsui which is by the water. Lots of yummy food and a great view of the sunset!
Then, the boyfriend showed up! So we all went to Taipei 101 and went up to the 89th floor for a view of the city.
Food! Yummy!
The boyfriend and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary. 
We stumbled upon a candy exhibition while sight-seeing. Everything is made out of candy!
We went to the Hello Kitty restaurant. Food not so great, but the decor was cute. :)
Afternoon tea! Honey toast snack. My first time having it. It was delicious!
Last but not least, shaved ice! My boyfriend kept raving about shaved ice when were in the US and I simply told him, if you want REAL shaved ice, you have to go to Taiwan. Well he came to Taiwan and now he agrees! This particular place is also known for its graffiti walls. We decided to add our names on there too. :)
And that pretty much sums up my Taiwan trip. This year's trip was especially nice because I got to not only spend time with my family, but also got to spend time with and show two very important people in my life my second home. So glad that both of them decided to make the trip! :)

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