Wednesday, July 31, 2013

When Do You Go Back Linky

So my school is getting a new principal this year. We just found out who our new principal will be two weeks ago and met him yesterday. I got the keys to my new classroom today and spent around 5 hours cleaning out cabinets and organizing furniture. I guess it's almost back to school time so it only fits that I join Literacy Spark's When Do You Go Back linky party!

I officially start work on August 21st. We have two days of PD, one on-site and one off. Then we have one day to work on our classrooms before the students arrive on August 26th. Not much time, especially when I am moving into a "new" classroom. The quotation marks are there because it was the classroom of our retired teacher last year. She had been at the school for many many years so definitely collected a lot of stuff. Thankfully, she took a lot with her so I don't have as much work as I was expecting. But I still have quite a bit! Pictures don't really do it justice right now since it just looks like I didn't get anything accomplished. So pictures of the classroom will just have to wait! :)


  1. Enjoy the rest of your summer!!


  2. Thanks for linking up! Good luck cleaning out all that stuff. We have a new principal this year as well. I've been impressed so far so I am looking forward to it. Enjoy these last few weeks!

    Literacy Spark