Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I'm Back! (with an updated title and new blog design too!)

I'm baaaaack! So I returned from my Asia trip a week ago (which I will blog about in a different post), but I haven't updated because I (well, someone else, really) was working on something special for the blog.

Welcome to the my newly designed blog! Thank you SO much Megan, from A Bird in Hand Designs, for creating this new design for me! I am so happy with it! If you are ever looking for a blog makeover, definitely check her out! She even has some cheaper options for blog designs if you are on a budget (like me)! :)
A Bird in Hand Designs

Also, did anybody notice the difference in my title? I have officially changed the my blog title to match my new grade level! :D

This is so exciting! I still have another month before school starts but I am already feeling the back to school rush. I've been doing some professional reading while in Asia and now that I'm back, have also started my back to school shopping and other prep work. I will be looping with some of my kids from first grade so I want to revamp some of my classroom management and styles so that it's not exactly the same for them. Come visit for some more posts in the new few weeks as I share how I am getting ready for this upcoming school year in second grade! :)

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