Monday, January 7, 2013

Back to Work!

Winter break is officially over. Getting out of bed was a little difficult today. :(

HOWEVER, it was a good day back to work. It was great seeing all my students' smiley faces as they walked into the classroom. They all seemed excited and ready to be back! Interestingly enough, they were! I didn't really feel the need to review classroom rules and procedures, they pretty much seemed to have everything down still. We shall see as the week goes by, maybe they are still in their winter break comas or something...

I also got some late holiday gifts from students who left for vacation before winter break. This one was a great one!
Another tote bag! Woohoo! Teachers can never have too many tote bags. :)
Also got a nice new year gift from work.
Upgraded work computer! Woohoo!
Started working on a winter-theme making words activity during the break. It's basically done but I need to add the credits and copyrights and all that good stuff on there (that's always the part that takes up the most time!). I would work on it now but I'm so pooped from work that I can only hope it gets done sometime this week. I really don't know how all you teachers with families are able to find the energy and time to teach, take care of your family, and create products. You are all AMAZING!!!

Well, we're off to a good start! We have a field trip on Wednesday and still waiting on three permission slips. I know, field trip on the first week back from winter break, crazy huh? My circuit had originally cancelled the field trip but then one of the parents of my first grade colleague's class really wanted us to go (he works at the place) and generously donated the trip so now we have to! Ha, it's really not as bad as it sounds. None of us first grade teachers have gone to the place (Academy of Science in San Francisco) for a field trip before so it will be a new discovery for us too. But I'm sure it'll be tons of fun!!! :)

Hope to share some things from the classroom later this week!

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