Monday, January 21, 2013

Long Weekend = Teacher Vaca!!

Boy, did this long weekend come just in time! Normally, I look forward to the look weekend as a time to just sit and do absolutely nothing. But now that the boyfriend is working full-time and we are sort of long distance (an hour drive), the long weekend was also a perfect time for a mini vacation. Good thing my boyfriend also works for the government so we have some holidays together. Southwest was having a sale and so we booked a trip to Seattle! I also have a friend in Vancouver, so she met up with us in Seattle too. 

I am so glad I made that trip! It was freezing (in my standards) and foggy for most of it but at least we got a sunny half of the day at some point. :)

A quick recap of what we did...
Evidence of how foggy it was when we landed. We missed the runway the first time and had to go back up and try again.
We went up the Space Needle and had brunch at the Sky City Restaurant (the revolving restaurant).  
The fog half lifted so we still got a view from our seats. 
The entree of my brunch!  French toast with hazelnut cream!!!
We also went to the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum. Awesome place!
Morning food tour at Pike Place Market. Awesome food, great tour guide. If you're ever in Seattle, check out Savor Food Tours. (I am NOT being paid to say this. :D)

Roamed around Pike Place Market after which included visiting the infamous gum wall.
We also checked out the Olympic Structure Park.
Lovely Space Needle shot at night!
A foggy farewell from Seattle. View from the airport.

 The best thing about this trip. I did not take any teacher stuff with me! It was a true vacation from work. I'll admit, I did check my teacher email and sent out one email. But that was it! So proud of myself. :)

How did you spend your long weekend (for the other fortunate teachers like me who got one)? :)

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