Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Years Resolution

Can't start the new year with your students without having them write new year resolutions!! :)

Last year, we simply wrote our resolutions and then wrote 2012 in big block numbers above it. I definitely wanted to spruce it up for this year and thanks to pinterest, I think we definitely succeeded! Thank you Kindergarten Korner for the writing paper!

I originally planned to use this craft and writing for the kids' memory book (my gift to them at the end of the year). Then I realized that the party blowers would make it quite difficult so I ended up just taking a picture of each one which I will then print out and include on the January page. But!! Before realizing all this, I also thought to include a cute picture of the kids with the piece. I went to the party store and bought a New Years hat along with the party blowers. Before the kids taped their party blowers on, they got to take a picture with it and the hat. 

I was originally worried that the hat would be too big for the kids' heads since it is adult size. But I tried it on two of the students and they fit fine. I'm sure you can imagine my reaction when this happened...
So cute! :)

I'm so glad we are halfway through the week. This week has been so EXHAUSTING!

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