Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Would You Rather....?

We are currently reading Wizard of Oz as a read aloud. What an eye-opener it has been! I thought I knew the story but I guess not. Did you know how the tinman became the way he is? Well, let me tell you. He was once a woodsman who first accidentally cut off his leg. So he went to a tinsmith and got a tin leg replacement. Then he proceeded to chop off his other leg. And on and on until he chopped everything (arms, legs, head, body) and got his entire self replaced with tin. OH MAN. Who knew? I stopped reading out loud after I read about the first leg being chopped off. Basically just said..."and you get the gist of it". But man, did the kids beg for me to read it! Of course I told them that it was not classroom appropriate and that they can read it at home if they want.

Anyways, I went off on a little tangent there. Now that we have been introduced to the Scarecrow (who wants a brain) and Tinsman (who wants a heart), I had the kids do a little journal writing. Would you rather have a brain or a heart? They came up with some interesting responses...

Haha, love it! This has led me to the creation of "Would You Rather..." journal prompts. Okay, I need to rephrase that. A work in progress to the creation of these journal prompts. It has been started! Hopefully it will be completed by next week. We shall see! :)

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